The Critical Importance of Recreation For Senior Citizens

As our population ages, there is increasing emphasis on teaching and learning lifelong recreational skills. Research has shown that recreation is an important part of an individual’s social behavior. Recreation plays a critical role in the lives of older adults by contributing to an improved quality of life. People who participate in recreational activities as senior citizens report significantly more life satisfaction than those who do not. Physical recreation is especially important. Engaging in physical activity reduces […]

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Elderly Mobility Challenges – Falling Out of Bed – Why Bed Rails Are Not Mobility Aids

Mobility issues in general are misunderstood and lack appropriate solutions to address the problem. One issue is why, do people fall out of bed and why is it such a healthcare mystery. You may wonder how beds and bed rails equal a mobility issue until you understand a century old misconception. Many bed falls are mobility related. The most common solutions were to confine the person or restrain them with bed rails, sometimes both. Today’s focus is […]

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Some Disadvantages Of Hospice Care

Hospice care is for terminally ill patients, who have less than 6 months to survive. The care ensures that the patients are comfortable in the last days of their life. The care does not try to prolong a terminally ill patient’s life, and it does not try to hasten the end. Instead the care tries to offer comfort and relief from the symptoms and pain. While hospice care is often preferred for terminally ill, it has its […]

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Signs and Symptoms of Winter Dehydration in the Elderly and 8 Ways to Avoid Them

Dehydration can kill. It is crucial for anyone to stay properly hydrated but it is even more important for seniors who have other comorbidities as well as dementia like diseases. One of the reasons that the dehydration threat is higher for seniors is because of thinner skin that comes with aging. The thinner skin makes a person more prone to losing fluid. Another issue that makes seniors more open to fluid loss is their medications, some medicines […]

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Elderly Dementia Can Devastate Caregivers

My friend called me today in tears. Her mother, who has dementia and paranoia, snapped; really, “snapped” is such a useless word to describe what happens when caring for an elderly parent with dementia. It does not begin to describe the devastation it causes the caregiver. One of the least talked about anomalies of elder caregiving is the rage and anger that can suddenly flare up. This anger is totally directed at the home caregiver who has […]

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